Amos Ma
Brand founder of Amos & Biobor
President of Amos Food

Amos Food Group-A prominent figure among the world's top 100 candy companies and a leading Chinese confectionery export enterprise, President Amos Ma stands at the helm of this renowned group. He is not only recognized as one of the industry's top leaders in Shenzhen, but also a nominated candidate for the 2023 American Candy Hall of Fame. Symbolizing the international expansion of Chinese traditional food industry brands, and his outstanding contribution to the development of the Chinese confectionery industry has earned him the prestigious Harvard Business Review Ram Charan Management Practice Excellence Award. Under the umbrella of the Amos Food Group, the portfolio includes two flagship self-owned brands: Amos, the World's Candy Innovator, and Biobor, the Nutritional Candy Expert. These brands collectively span over 50 countries and regions worldwide, shining as a beacon of China's domestic product excellence.