David Shen
Senior Technical Service and Development Manager, Greater China Baking Center

Mr. David Shen, Senior Technical Service and Development Manager, Lesaffre Greater China Baking Center, mainly responsible for the technical service and development of industrial bakery food enterprises, providing product innovation services and new plant planning and technical solutions services.

David entered the baked goods industry in 1980 and graduated from the American Academy of Baking in 1994. He has been responsible for product research and development and customer technical service in Mondelez Foods, General Mills Foods, Hong Kong Lamsoon Flour, CSM China and Mankattan China.

In the past 40 years in the industry, David has accumulated a wealth of technical experience and industry information in the development and production technology of baking products, product shelf life extension, frozen dough (bread and Chinese steamed products) and yeast raised crackers. David was elected as Deputy Director of the Pastry Baking Professional Committee of Shanghai Technicians Association in 2023,  in 2017, was elected technical member of China Baking products Standardization Technical Committee.