Yiyang Hei
Founder & Creative Director

Founder and host artist of Xiangdemei Art Organization, Member of Alliance Graphic Design International (AGI)

In 2011, he became the first Chinese creative person to win the Golden Cube in the 90-year history of the New York Directors Club (ADC) in the United States. He has won more than 100 international awards including the Silver Lion of the French Cannes Advertising Festival, the ADFEST Gold Award of the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival and the German Red Dot Award. He is also a very talented emerging artist whose creative style is free, flexible, fun, full of painting and fashion. Using coins from various countries as materials and symbols, he freely collages various pictures, which are rich in color and lifelike. Many subtle judgments and symbols are hidden in the pictures, revealing the sparkle of beauty.

His works have won numerous awards at home and abroad, are collected in museums around the world, and are highly praised by academics. He often accepts media interviews and exhibition invitations, participates in professional judges and corporate speeches, and is highly recognized for his professionalism. He has rich experience in brand design and has won numerous awards. He is a representative of China's new generation of design circles.