Tatiana Shashlova
Member of RBCA
CEO & Founder of Radar

Tatiana Shashlova is the CEO and Co-owner of Radar Communication Group, a leader in the creative industry, focusing on branding and marketing strategy. Her educational background includes an EMBA from both the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management and Fudan University Shanghai School of Management.

Tatiana's expertise lies in brand and trademark creation, brand management, and the general management of the creative industry. She is particularly skilled in strategic marketing and has a keen insight into branding for business sustainability, product adaptation in local and international markets, and the management of the creative industry.

Additionally, Tatiana has a notable presence as a speaker, having contributed to various forums and educational programs such as the National Advertising Forum and SKOLKOVO Business School. Her published works cover diverse topics ranging from the fast replacement of businesses in Russia, agile branding in e-commerce, to the intricacies of rebranding and the dynamics of Chinese brands in the Russian market.

Overall, Tatiana's work in branding and marketing has made her a well-respected professional in creative and marketing field.