Marieta Arzumanyan
Art Director
Backbone Branding

Marieta Arzumanyan, a design professional with over 5 years of experience in branding and packaging. As the Art Director at Backbone Branding, she is recognized for her strategic approach, seamlessly merging creativity with a deep understanding of brand messaging.

In her journey, Marieta has had the opportunity to contribute to the success of various campaigns and projects, striving to translate complex ideas into visually compelling and marketable designs.

Beyond the digital realm, she embraces a hands-on approach, occasionally exploring traditional art forms like linocutting and oil painting to add a subtle, unique touch to her works.

Marieta is a graduate of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia and Panos Terlemezyan State Yerevan collage of Fine Arts, a testament to her commitment to the craft and her continuous pursuit of artistic excellence.