Rob Vermeulen
Former President of epda
Founder of Vermeulen Design

Rob Vermeulen lives the south of Holland. He went to study art at the St. Joost academy in Breda, and in1973 he started a design study project at the Maastricht University. In 1976, during his study project, he started his own design agency. In subsequent years the agency developed into a full service design agency.

The agency is specialized in brand design, and worked for numerous national and international food and non-food clients.

Later he joined the Total Identity group in Amsterdam as the brand and packaging specialist. He also coached the Taiwan agency of the group.

In March 2014 Rob Vermeulen Design was founded, a consultancy agency for creativity, communication and strategy. For brands and their packaging with a strong focus for sustainability. Rob Vermeulen and his agency work for numerous brands in Europe.

He is an active member of the European Brand & Packaging Design Association executive committee, and since 2003 has been President of the EPDA and now still is one of the board members.

Rob Vermeulen was a judge at Red Dot design awards, the Taiwan Design Center, the Tang Prize and the Golden Label Award in Austria and is frequently invited to give speeches about design and communication related issues, all over the world. He teaches at ZUYD University communication and media design and is guest professor at Naba University in Milan and other European Design Universities.

In 2014 Finally he was in 2014 the initiator for the Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade, near Aachen. In the design labs of the museum students from different countries work on packaging design with a focus on sustainability for demands from clients and the society.