Founder and CEO
inDare Design

Founder of inDare Design, Cross-disciplinary designer from Hong Kong. He has been engaged in cross-disciplinary fields for many years, creating design cultural and social value through innovative practices. He is the first designer in the world to propose the concept of "design management" and has been awarded the titles of Top 100 Young Designers in China and Excellent Young Designer in China. In the same year, he was selected into the National Ministry of Culture's Creative Talents Library for Cultural Industries and was named one of the top ten outstanding designers in Guangdong Province. He was also honored with the China Design Youth 100 List by the National Guanghua Longteng Award and selected as one of the "Top Ten Outstanding Youth in the Design Industry in Guangdong Province". Moreover, in 2023, he became one of the most influential Chinese elites according to Forbes China.

After establishing inDare Design, he led the team to win a total of 323 domestic and international design awards, including 44 Red Dot Design Awards, 33 iF Design Awards, 11 Pentawards for Packaging Design, and others. For five times within eight years, they achieved the highest honor - Red Dot Best of the Best Award, making them the design and creative company with the most Red Dot Best of the Best Awards in the history of Red Dot in Germany. inDare has cooperated with over 100 well-known brands, gaining exposure in various industries, including leading companies such as Colgate, Haier, Midea, and iFlytek, as well as emerging consumer brands like Beisi, usmile, amiro, Grown-up Candy, Milk Candy Pie, Unknown Planet, and more.

Over the years, Chen Fengming has remained consistent in his exploration and practice, devoting himself to integrating the cultural value and spiritual value of design into the development of society and business, accelerating people's access to a high-quality life and enhancing human happiness.