Xiangting Jiu
Founder & CPO
Fresher 8

Ms. Jiu, the founder and CPO of "Fresher 8", a food producer focuses on premium sesame products, has over 20 years of profound experience in food product development and producing industry. Inspired by MBA study at Peking University, she resigned the role as former Deputy GM of famous food brand "Wangzhihe" and "Liubiju" and started her own brand "Fresher 8" in 2015.

As a food lover, she shoulders the mission as "Back to the original flavor of food" by sticking to providing safe, tasty and healthy food with far limited ingredients. Now various products of "Fresher 8" have received high recognition from millions of families.

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 · 12/20 (Day 2)
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[Panel Discussion] Is zero addition a pseudo proposition?

The additives became the target of criticism, and the zero additive products won the limelight for a while. What is zero addition? What is the difference with clean label? Will the future be the home of zero additions?

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