Gracie Gui
Dairy Talks
Marketing Director of Nutrition Department
Bright Dairy

Gui Min, Ph.D of Pharmacology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Public Nutritionist. She has served as R&D Director and Marketing Director of nutritional products in Bright Dairy, responsible for R&D management, marketing and new retail of infant formula milk powder, probiotic products and functional dairy products.

Published a number of academic papers and patents.

She has nearly 15 years of work experience in pharmaceutical, health food and food companies, and led the team to successfully launched a number of popular products. Her unique professional perspective on the health food industry has been benefitted from the experience from R&D to marketing and sales.

Event Introduction
Dairy Talks
 · 12/21 (Day 3)
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The Less Traveled Path
Structural Upgrade! Opportunities for Sub-segments of Dairy Products

In recent years we see an upward momentum in the dairy industry in China. Dairy products, as daily necessity, have witnessed a surge prompted by improved living standard. Amid changing competition landscape and evolving industry structure, more opportunities is emerging in segment markets.

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