Yun Chen
Nutrition Education Expert
DSM i-Health

12+ years of experience as a global Top 500 food technology and science advocacy expert. In past research and work experience, well experienced in the fundamental know-how research of Food chemistry, sensory science and food nutrition, as well as application in Clinical nutrition, including weight management, diabetes management, microbiome health, intimate health and hormonal health. Besides, excellent at innovation and new product development. So far, published 3+ articles in international journals, and over 25+ patents, among which 6 patents were granted worldwide.

Event Introduction
 · 12/20 (Day 2)
Explore The Next Star Ingredient
[Panel Discussion] Exploring Trends in the Benefits of Probiotics

With the gradual expansion of the probiotic industry, there are more and more benefits being gradually explored. Stress management, immune health, metabolic health... What kind of effects are most suitable for the Chinese market? What kind of strains can do more?

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