Dr. Yi Wang
Senior Nutrition Research & Open Innovation, Danone China R&I Accelerator
Danone-Nutricia ELN

PhD. From Joint-program of China Agricultural University- BCM/USDA Children's Nutrition Center, postdoc in Naomi Berrie diabetes Research Center at Columbia University and Diabetes Research Center at Einstein college of medicine. She works in R&I in children's growth and development, adult chronic diseases prevention, and R&D on nutrition products, health food, digital health management tools and medical devices in Nestle R&D (Beijing), Gensci Pharma et al.

She is now working on Sarcopenia, Alzheimer's disease in Danone China R&I Accelerator, as well as R&I of related nutrition products and exploration of digital health tools. Research on gestational diabetes, sarcopenia and Alzheimer's disease published in Eur J Nutri, Frontiers in Nutrition and et al. In the field of children and adult health, more than 10 products have been launched on growth and development, bone development, immunity, metabolism, CV health, etc.

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 · 12/20 (Day 2)
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