Vivi Jiang
Marketing Talks
Director & Vice President
Eastroc Beverage

Vivi Jiang, Director & Vice President of Eastroc Beverage Group Co., Ltd, in charge of the Brand Development Center, primarily responsible for product strategy and development, brand strategy, integrated marketing communications, offline promotions, and freezer management. She is deeply involved in the strategic formulation, plan decision-making, and budget control of Eastroc Beverage's marketing digitalization.

With 21 years of brand management experience and 8 years in FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) product brand operations, Vivi Jiang has been with Eastroc Beverage since 2017, witnessing and helping to propel the company's rapid growth, with revenue increasing from 4 billion to over 10 billion.

With her forward-looking strategic vision, she assists the company in exploring paths to multi-category development; with her creative brand perspective, she achieves deep interaction and connection with consumers, continuously revitalizing the brand image and enhancing brand reputation.

Event Introduction
Marketing Talks
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Growth and Beyond Growth
4.2H - Hall E
Branding Strategy
"The 'Double Hundred Billion' Eastroc Beverage: Boosting Sales with Intellectual Traffic"

Currently, the only domestic energy drink brand with a revenue exceeding ten billion yuan - Eastroc Energy Drink, achieved a revenue of 10.3 billion yuan in 2023! In addition, the revenues of other growth brands like Eastroc Daka and Eastroc Bushuila reached 914 million yuan, marking a staggering year-on-year growth of 186.65%, demonstrating remarkable vitality!

Such remarkable performance not only reflects consumers' choices, but also embodies Eastroc 's successful brand strategy! So, what exactly has Eastroc done in terms of brand strategy to resonate so deeply with consumers?

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