Nina Mu
Snack & Baking
Chief Marketing Officer, Greater China Foods

Nina Mu is the Chief Marketing Officer, Greater China Foods, PepsiCo, where she leads and manages all food business operations in China, including popular global brands such as Lay's and Quaker. Previously, she served as the Marketing Senior Director, Greater China Beverages Category & Pepsi Brand Lead.

Since joining PepsiCo in 2015, Nina Mu has been actively advocating for digital transformation. She has led her team to focus on branding and product development, empowering the brand's remarkable growth and driving high-quality performance outcomes.

With over 20 years of professional experience in brand management, marketing innovation, and business development, Nina Mu possesses keen insights and decision-making abilities in market and consumer trends, and excels in driving mutual value growth between brands and businesses.

Event Introduction
Snack & Baking
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
4.2H - Hall D1
Think Bold and Different
Cracking The Youthful DNA of PepsiCo

Facing the ever-changing snack market and the new generation with an attitude, how can classic brands approach young consumers in a more vibrant, relaxed and approachable way? PepsiCo must be highlighted on this topic! How can PepsiCo, as an "old" brand, maintain the contrast of a young brand image?  It has completed iterations and upgrades time and again, used innovative thinking to lead the wave of the new generation, and has continued to promote the growth of brand power and commercial value in both directions. In this speech, Nina Mu, Chief Marketing Officer, Greater China Foods, PepsiCo, will focus on how to create a sense of youthfulness for the brand, expanding new scenarios, localised innovation and digital drive, which are the core secrets of PepsiCo always being "so young"!

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