Ben Wu
Marketing Talks
GM of Nutrition & Health BU
Mengniu Group

Ben Wu joined Mengniu Group in 2022 and currently serves as the GM of Mengniu Group's Nutrition and Health BU, responsible for expanding the second curve of Mengniu Group. Ben Wu was the founder of the Chinese professional sports nutrition brand "M-ACTION" in 2023, leading the 0-1 commercial innovation in new categories, new demographics, and new products.

Before joining Mengniu and founding M-ACTION, Ben Wu worked for companies such as Procter&Gamble China and Abbott China. Ben Wu has a professional understanding and accumulation in the fields of consumer goods, nutrition, and comprehensive health, and has solid operational experience and insights in brand strategy, product positioning, and platform strategy. Additionally, he also has management experience and skills in large and medium-sized start-up teams. Ben Wu is a serious trail runner with rich knowledge and great enthusiasm for sports and sports nutrition.

Event Introduction
Marketing Talks
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Growth and Beyond Growth
4.2H - Hall E
Users Positioning
M-ACTION: One Year, Over 350% Quarterly CAGR

Domestic sports enthusiasts exceeded 600 million people, and sports nutrition is growing at a rate of nearly 20% per year! Aiming at the "sports scene", M-ACTION firstly solves the major pain point of traditional protein powder, which is difficult to find water and brew. It develops a variety of different professional products based on the people with different exercise intensity, such as high-intensity "practitioners" and medium-intensity "fat loss and shaping crowd". So how does M-ACTION, which has filled the gap in China's sports nutrition market, achieve "a thousand faces for a thousand people"?

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