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Head of Brand Digital Marketing
Meituan Instashopping

Meituan Instashopping, as an on-demand retail platform of Meituan. As of August 2023, 70% of the brands who've entered business cooperation with Meituan have doubled their GMV within the past year. With the new trend of "In 30 minutes, everything at your doorstep.", how can a brand improve brand exposure and product deliverability ? How to make reasonable sale and improve the consumer experience? Last year, Meituan Instashopping responded to these asks by releasing the "FAST Instant Retail Brand Management Principles" to helps brands seize new opportunities and realize substantial growth.

Event Introduction
Marketing Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Growth and Beyond Growth
4.2H - Hall E
Where does Growth Come From
A Fresh Perspective: Exploring 16 Consumer Scenarios for Comprehensive Insights into Consumer Behavior

Today, consumers have diverse needs for similar products in different contexts. Building upon this, instant retail has further optimized the "thousand faces, thousand scenarios" marketing strategy in e-commerce, implementing refined operations to directly showcase products in various usage scenarios. As an industry leader, Meituan Instashopping has deeply collaborated with multiple top brands to jointly explore and implement this concept. Faced with the challenge of "thousand faces, thousand scenarios," what scientific and precise strategies should brands adopt to meet the diverse needs of consumers?

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