Niki Li
Startup Talks
Managing Director & GM of E-Commerce

She led the company to complete the business transformation from B to C within one year, and their e-commerce sales exceeded 120 million, led the team from 0 to 1, and won first place in the categories of Tiktok, Tmall and JD.

With 10 years of experience in e-commerce, he has served as the Vice President and Director of Meiyi Beauty Group, a well-known beauty group under the Yige (Huaxizi&OGP) brand promotion director, and the General Manager of Xiaomi Ecological Chain Brand Lefan Branch.

Led the planning of marketing cases with over 100 million exposure, including Gulangyu style, Goddess Scholarship, and Beast Fake.

The first cross-border entrepreneurship project, Mushu Beauty Equipment, won the first place in the eye beauty equipment category within six months, was selected as the annual 20 female entrepreneurs by ChiNext, and was listed on the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Elite List.

Event Introduction
Startup Talks
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Start Up, Stand Out
4.2H - Hall B2
Rhythm of Starting
Daixiaji: 1 Billion in 3 Years, Shrimp Paste Ventures Beyond Hotpot Dining

B2B suppliers all have a dream of creating a B2C brand. However, it requires not only brand building but also considering the transformation of consumption scenarios and product adaptation.

Daixiaji has deeply explored the shrimp paste supply chain and penetrated the home dining scene through e-commerce platforms, achieving nearly 1 billion in scale within 3 years and over 100 million in B2C sales within 1 year. In a field where there were categories but no brands, Daixiaji earned Sullivan's certifications for "China's Number One Shrimp Paste Sales" and "China's Top Shrimp Paste Brand."

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