Hiroko Ogawa
Pack Talks
Founder & CEO

Runs a design company in Tokyo, Japan. It celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

Her current work mainly focuses on package design, graphic design, CI, writing, and school education.

Awards: PENTAWARDS SILVER, JPC: Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, Director-General of the Bureau of Information Policy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, Japan Package Design Award: Silver Award, Bronze Award, and many others, THE NEW YORK FESTIVALS: FINALIST AWARD, etc.

Event Introduction
Pack Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
From Appealing to Branding
4.2H - Hall B1
From Packaging to Branding, from Experience to Trust
[Experience Design Workshop] How is the Gastronomic Appeal Reproduced on Japanese-style Packaging?

Delicate chocolate squares are gently stacked on the soft, cloud-like snow, with the words "Melts in your mouth like snow..." and the golden "Meltykiss" logo, the packaging design of "Snow Kiss" chocolates exudes the dreamy, romantic aura of a teenage girl's story, just like the brand's promotional video.

In her nearly 30-year design career, designer Hiroko Ogawa, who has collaborated with brands such as Meiji, Tsujiri, and Suntory, has always insisted on crafting packaging that conveys emotions with softness and delicacy. She constantly ponders: How can audiences understand the "abstract" concept of experiential design?

"I believe that the result of products bringing people beautiful experiences is that even when the product is not visible, memories of the product and its deliciousness can still float in people's minds... Therefore, I'd like to invite everyone to play a little game about memories."

In Ogawa's carefully designed experiential workshop, participants are encouraged to bring their notebooks and pens. She will conduct a live comparison of snack packaging designs from China and Japan, highlighting specific areas where these designs could be enhanced.


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