Wenjun Zhao
Co-founder, Deputy General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer
Shiyue Daotian Group

Ms. Wenjun Zhao is the Co-founder, Deputy General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer of Shiyue Daotian Group Co., Ltd.. Ms. Zhao and her family have been committed to the rice and whole grains industry for more than 40 years, and such experience and commitment incubated Shiyue Daotian Group, the leading and fast-growing pantry staple food Company in China.

Ms. Zhao entered into the pantry staple food industry and started their business in 2005.

In 2011, Shiyue Daotian Group launched the flagship brands of “Shiyue Daotian”(十月稻田) and “Firewood Courtyard”(柴火大院) which became the cornerstone of its long term growth. Now Shiyue Daotian has been listed on Hong Kong Exchange as the largest listed rice and whole grains Company .

For four consecutive years, Shiyue Daotian has been No.1 northeastern rice brand in China, and has cumulatively served 120 million Chinese households.

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Rhythm of Starting
Innovators' Opportunity: the Weakness Hidden in Giants’ Strengths

How can a challenger brand wedge into a market that is walled by giants? Opportunities perhaps lie in the spots that are neglected by the latter.

Shiyue Daotian, meaning October rice, is a staple food producer that made over RMB 4.5 billion revenue and went listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2023. It has successfully transformed the old rice business with clear focus on e-commerce and new-retail supermarkets and by tapping into Internet thinking and digital technology.

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