Mihnea Gheorghiu
Chief Creative Officer
Le Pub

Mihnea got into advertising when he was 19 in Bucharest, Romania.

In the years that followed, he worked in Hamburg, Paris, London, Madrid, Toronto, New York and Amsterdam. The work he created and creative directed over the years has won 92 Cannes Lions, amongst some other hundreds of awards (D&AD, Clio, One Show, ANDY, NYF, LIAA, Eurobest, Epica) and mean comments on some advertising blogs.

Mihnea likes to think of new things to say or new ways to say the same things. He really enjoys that stuff. That, and raccoons. Mihnea thinks that raccoons are cool.

Since 2017, he’s been in Publicis Milan, overseeing the global work for DIESEL and Heineken, first as Global CD, then as Global ECD and finally being appointed as Chief Creative Officer of Publicis Italy and Le Pub Network in 2021.

Event Introduction
Marketing Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Growth and Beyond Growth
4.2H - Hall E
Viral Products and Creativity
[Workshop] Selling Beer at Roadside, Advertising at Shutdown Stores—Heineken’s Creativity Overwhelms Outdoor Campaigns

The market size of OOH advertising has exceeded RMB 200 billion, but there rarely is anything that catches the eyeballs. There are many "unconventional" ideas when we look at the overseas market.

There is nothing more irrelevant than driving and alcohols. Heineken, however, goes against the norm setting up bars in billboards along roads in Brazil. Over 10,000 have been sold in 4 days, and 122 million views received on social media.

How ridiculous it sounds to advertise at shut-down restaurants! Heineken paid its Euro 7.5 million OOH advertising budget to over 5000 closed restaurants in Argentina, Spain, and other parts of the world, sharing encouraging messages on shutters "we will help them reopen". This investment increased their media value by 40%.


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