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Hao Lin, the founder of Tasogare Coffee and a super coffee enthusiast, has been exploring and attempting to start a business in the coffee industry since 2008. By founding the "Tasogare Coffee" brand, Lin became the first person to introduce Drip Bag Coffee to China, also coined the distinctive name "Ear-Hanging Drip Coffee Bag" specifically for this product in the Chinese market. In 2018, Lin led Tasogare Coffee to create the "Fresh-Lock Coffee" category, which quickly helped the brand stand out in the retail coffee market. Aiming to integrate coffee into the daily lives of Chinese people, Lin has been working diligently to strengthen the integration of domestic and international supply chains and increase investment in product research and development. He strives to provide every Chinese person with access to high-quality and affordable coffee.

While integrating global supply chains, Lin has conducted in-depth surveys and promoted the layout of overseas markets. By taking advantage of the cooperation opportunity during the Hangzhou Asian Games, Lin easily attracted the attention of many countries to Tasogare Coffee, laying a solid foundation for its development in overseas markets. In addition, Lin has been cultivating a cross-border e-commerce team, enhancing management, and increasing investment in these markets. From market research to business negotiations, Lin has been deeply involved in the entire process, seizing every opportunity for overseas expansion.

Under Lin's leadership, Tasogare Coffee has maintained excellent market performance for consecutive years. After successfully becoming a top domestic coffee brand, Tasogare Coffee is expected to expand into overseas markets very soon.

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 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Wow, Drink It Up!
4.2H - Hall C1
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Blue Ocean Can Be Found Even in The Highly Competitive Coffee Market

When personalized and aesthetic upgrades became the "standard rhetoric" for new consumer brands, it focused more on cost-effectiveness. When cost-effectiveness became the "consumer's first choice", it wanted to become a more story-driven, unique brand—Tasogare Coffee  seems to always take a different approach. Since starting with online sales of drip coffee, Tasogare Coffee, founded 9 years ago, has sold over 1.3 billion cups of coffee as of December 31, 2023, and has amassed over 10 million fans across all channels. In an increasingly competitive coffee industry, how can Tasogare Coffee, which does not aim for first place, find its niche and continuously create more value for consumers, the company itself, and society?

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