Viola Chen
Dairy Talks
Head of Innovation

As the Head of Innovation for GFIC, Viola Chen is driven to assist high-potential entrepreneurs, funders, and corporations in creating and leveraging the latest innovations in China’s alternative protein space. Viola is the author of two comprehensive industry reports-“2022 China Fermentation Industry Report”& “2021 China Alternative Protein Innovation Insights: Plant-based Meat”.

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Dairy Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
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4.2H - Hall A1
Zoom-in Session: Animal-free Dairy
[Forethought] A Global Inventory of Innovative Cases in the New Protein Industry

According to BCG, the global market for new proteins is expected to reach US$290 billion (about RMB 2.08 trillion) in 2035, accounting for 11% of the market share of all protein types. In recent years, microorganisms have also gradually come into the vision of China's agri-food companies, becoming the third largest source of protein in addition to traditional crops and livestock resources. What are the products and applications of global and local innovative companies based on different microbial species and technology pathways? What are the consumer perceptions? The results of the Consumer Communication Study on Fermented Protein Products will be presented exclusively on-site!

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