Ning Li
Snack & Baking
External Co-advisor (Master), School of Food Science, Jiangnan University
Head of innovation Research, APAC, Puratos

Focusing on basic research and innovative development related to raw materials and functions of baked goods, he has been working in food-related fields for 20 years, familiar with the basic characteristics of raw materials, and has deep professional knowledge and online practical experience in biological fermentation technology, frozen baking research and product development. He graduated from the University of Nottingham with a PhD in Biological sciences, and has been engaged in molecular biology research at the University of Manchester and the University of Warwick, and is familiar with advanced technologies in the European bakery market. In the past 10 years, he has published more than 20 relevant papers in journals and applied for international patents. Dr. Li has worked with domestic and overseas well-known academic institutions and start-ups to apply interdisciplinary science and breakthrough technology to food nutrition and health, sustainability and other fields to create forward-looking scientific research results.

Event Introduction
Snack & Baking
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
4.2H - Hall D1
Bakery: Potential Products and Models
Beyond Frozen: Starting From Technology, Fuses The "Boiling" Market With Frozen Bakery

The speed of bakery pop-ups has changed from "yearly" to "monthly" or even shorter, and bakery products have become the "secret of flow" to catch the Gen-Z. The main consumer "bread and dessert lover" is "pressing" the bakery industry to integrate with retail, supermarket, coffee and tea, catering, e-commerce and other channels. It has even successfully broken the circle and become the magic weapon of luxur to catch young people.

However, the complex technology, high cost and consumers' pursuit of freshness, flavor and high quality in the baking industry have often kept people away, so what else can be done? The Puratos Group, a century-old Belgian food technology company, will unveil the mystery of the baking industry, and use the new frozen technology to enhance the baking fusion, and directly tell you how to make the "cake" of frozen baking bigger and bigger!

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