Melvin Ng
Pack Talks
Senior Vice President

Melvin Ng, is the Senior Vice President of Behaviorally Asia. With more than 20 years research experience, Melvin’s has helped companies propel their brands and organizations to the next level. He has worked with clients on the most demanding branding challenges from market entry strategies for new brands coming into Asia or growth plans for established power brands. He started of his career at Nielsen, Synovate and Kantar Consulting before moving to Behaviorally to lead market expansion for the business. His ability to keep adapting to the ever changing environment and coming up with updated applicable solutions for clients are highly valued. With a passion for behavioral economics, Melvin loves to get under the skin of consumers and understand why people behave and think the way they do. His category experience include working with brands like Coca-Cola, Kraft Heinz, Danone, KSF, AbInBev, Mondelez, UL, P&G, Colgate and many more.

Event Introduction
Pack Talks
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
From Appealing to Branding
4.2H - Hall B1
Zoom-in Session: Win on the Shelf
[Interactive Workshop] Consumer Behavior Science + AI: Winning Across All Channels from Offline Shelves to Online E-commerce

Behaviorally, one of the most renowned consumer behavior research institutions in US, has amassed the world's largest consumer behavior database (exceeding 60 million behavioral data) in its 52 years of operation. They have customized over 160,000 simulated shelves for clients and facilitated the successful launch of 80,000+ packages.

Behaviorally asserts that marketing's moment of truth is when a purchase transaction takes place. The first touchpoint of consumer goods - packaging - has a significant impact on shopper behavior. With the aim of improving sales conversion, they have condensed their professional practice into the 4S framework: Seen, Shoppable, Seductive, and Selected, to assess whether a package can "win on the shelf."

For consumer brands, today's shelf concept encompasses both offline retail shelves and online "shelves" - e-commerce platforms. These platforms present significantly different business challenges for brands. This workshop will take you through both offline and online shelves, analyzing successful packaging design cases using the 4S framework. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to experience eye-tracking technology firsthand and receive on-the-spot evaluations of their packaging designs using Behaviorally's latest AI tools.

Target audience: Consumer product brands, retail private label owners, etc.


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