Boyce Yang
Alcohol Talks (1 Day Only)
Founding Partner
On The Road Store

Boyce Yang, founding partner, eight years of brand rejuvenation consulting experience with pioneering perspectives on insights, strategy and marketing strategy and execution, has served LVMH, Nike, BMW, Pernod Ricard, L'Oreal Paris, Tmall, etc. He creates superb content by aggregating youth culture symbols, reaching over 6 million people on average per event.

On The Road Store is a comprehensive platform focusing on youth consumption decision-making, providing better consumption decisions and services for young people since its creation in 2014. With its strong content and symbol-making ability, it brings the "offensiveness" of subculture into mainstream stores, builds a core user community based on young users, continues to output correct consumption symbols and high-quality youth lifestyles, and continues to pay attention to the mobile next-generation pioneering young groups. In the past eight years, On The Road Store has developed rapidly, becoming an irreplaceable consumer decision influencer in the minds of Chinese millennials and a leader in the field of pioneering youth culture in China.

Event Introduction
Alcohol Talks (1 Day Only)
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
*All the "young people", "youth", and similar expressions mentioned in the agenda refer to consumers of legal drinking age (LDA) according to local laws and regulations.
4.2H - Silk Road Hall
Reconstruction of People, Product & Place
On The Road Store: Pub+Convenience Store for A More Profitable "New Social Retail" Model

Nearly every alcohol brand has rich "content" behind it, but merely shouting "content" often leaves consumers aesthetically fatigued. From a million-follower public account to over 30 offline stores, how does On The Road Store transform intangible youth culture into a 4-billion-valued "social new retail" through the form of "pub+convenience store"?

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