Song Ren
Dairy Talks

Song Ren is the president of Shanghai Milkground Food Tech Co., Ltd. With Bachelor's degree and the background as a senior economist and engineer, he boasts over two decades of expertise in the dairy sector and management. Ren has held various senior leadership positions, including Vice President at Guangze Holdings, General Manager at Guangze Foods, Beikang Brewing, and Guangze Dairy, as well as Executive Director of Ji Milk Group.

Recognized as an Excellent Entrepreneur and Party Member in Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, he is dedicated to driving local economic development and revitalizing the dairy industry, thereby propelling China's cheese sector into a new era of prosperity.

Event Introduction
Dairy Talks
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
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4.2H - Hall A1
Generational Growth
[Practice] Expansion of Consumer Groups and Crossover of Consumption Scenarios for Cheese

As the leading brand in the domestic cheese stick category with a market share exceeding 40%, Milkground has achieved remarkable success in the cheese stick market with accumulated sales exceeding 3 billion units. However, the potential for cheese consumption clearly extends beyond cheese sticks. Breaking through demographic barriers and expanding into new scenarios present both opportunities and challenges. Milkground has already taken the first step towards practical implementation.

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