Yi Sui
Alcohol Talks (1 Day Only)

Yi Sui is the co-founder of 'Drunk N Jump Pub' and the head of Tiao Hai Community Research Institute. As a serial entrepreneur, he previously founded the youth cultural activity platform 'Someet' and has held positions in various media, cultural research, and cultural institutions.

He witnessed Drunk N Jump Pub's journey from a single store to expanding to over 10 cities and 20+ locations through the power of community. During and after the pandemic, he facilitated Drunk N Jump Pub's growth against the odds and its non-standardized expansion by creating unique value feedback and user experiences different from traditional dining establishments. He firmly believes that community logic can lead to genuine business innovation.

Event Introduction
Alcohol Talks (1 Day Only)
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
*All the "young people", "youth", and similar expressions mentioned in the agenda refer to consumers of legal drinking age (LDA) according to local laws and regulations.
4.2H - Silk Road Hall
Reconstruction of People, Product & Place
Drunk & Jump into the Sea of Your Heart

DRUNK N’JUMP, which has different characterists of different pubs, played the revenue broke 100 million by the community in the last year, making a new kind of possibility of pubs.

Yi Sui said: "The logic of marketing is somewhat like a fisherman above the water, continuously attempting to catch freely swimming fish below using spears made of insights, trends, and creative campaigns. But why not try jumping in and swimming with them?"

DRUNK N’JUMP is like this, a sea where everyone can swim together, allowing each person to maximize themselves. In this process, people, space, and content naturally blend, and DRUNK N’JUMP has also become a small tavern with an annual revenue exceeding a hundred million, giving everyone the freedom to drink and to be themselves.

So, how was the "people-centered" DRUNK N’JUMP perfected?

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