Tetsuya Murata
Snack & Baking
President and CEO

Tetsuya Murata is the president and CEO of Kanro Inc. (Kanro) since 2023. Kanro is the No.1 candy (not including chocolate) manufacturer in Japan which is an over 110-year-old company founded in 1912.

Since joining Mitsubishi Corporation in 1992, Tetsuya Murata has worked in the food distribution industry for over 30 years. During that time, he has experienced not only confectionery and FMCG related transactions, but also fresh produce (products) transactions, and has been involved in business investment and business investment management in those areas. Tetsuya Murata has also served as an executive officer at Life Corporation of the No.1 supermarket in Japan for 5 years and as an outside director for several companies.

He always works with the belief that by listening to those around him gathering problems, solving them with ownership and teamwork to let himself and the team to grow.

Tetsuya Murata graduated from Keio University in 1992 and completed the Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives at IMD-Lausanne in July of 2018. Tetsuya Murata’s values is “Be cheerful, energetic and modesty" and his philosophy is “A small difference makes a big difference". And he enjoys watching sports on site or TV and cooking mainly stir-fry and steamed dished on weekends.

Event Introduction
Snack & Baking
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
4.2H - Hall D1
Product & Brand Enhancement
Start With Creativity: How Kanro, at 112 Years Old, Maintains Its Top Position in Japan's Candy Market Through Innovation

Who says candy doesn't sell well? By understanding consumers and being innovative, you can still win the hearts of all age groups with sweetness! Hear directly from the CEO of Kanro, the leading brand in Japan's candy market!

In 1955, Kanro opened the door to "innovation" with Japan's first soy sauce candy and the first twisted cellophane packaging. 69 years later, in an era when sugar is often viewed with concern, the 112-old Kanro achieved 1.35 billion RMB in revenue in 2023. With a 15.7% market share in gummies and an impressive 20.8% market share in hard candies, Kanro firmly holds its position as Japan's number one in the confectionery market (excluding chocolate)

*DATA: Intage SRI+ estimated market scale Jan. 2023 to Dec. 2023

(Source: Kanro website)

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