P.K Yu
Condiment & 3R Food
Vice General Manager

P.K Yu, Vice General Manager and head of the Brand Sales Center and Brand and Marketing of LIHOO'S, has been deeply engaged in the food and catering industry for 20 years and has rich experience in brand operation and management, brand marketing, product research and so on. He has served as COO of listed companies, executive director, senior executive of large international chain brands, and founder of Green Bazar, Fusion 5, Fika Waka and other chain brands.

Event Introduction
Condiment & 3R Food
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
New Taste That Spice Up New Lives
4.2H -Hall C2
The Next Decade of 3R Food
[Panel Discussion] Inspirations from Different Approaches: A Collision of Ideas for Restaurant-Grade Delicacies

One approach is to turn culinary masters' recipes into the 3R format, and the other is to seek inspirations from everyday cooking at households. Each has its pros and cons. What are the similarities and differences in R&D, supply chain, channels, and marketing? Let's take a deep dive.

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