Guoyu Zheng
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Founder of Brand & CEO

Guoyu Zheng, founder of DUJOSOO brand, CEO of Xiamen DUJOSOO Technology Co., Ltd., 2023 HURUN U30 China Entrepreneurship Pioneer, member of the 20th Food Safety Conference Council, and Executive Director of Taiwan Strait Food Industry Technology Innovation Committee of JIMEI University.

Event Introduction
Startup Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Start Up, Stand Out
4.2H - Hall B2
Face Growth Anxiety
After DUJOSOO's $1 Billion Milestone: Omnichannel Strategies and New Opportunities

Traditional e-commerce, live streaming, private domains, premium supermarkets, overseas expansion......Behind the rise of each new brand lies its area of expertise. However, as the cost of acquiring traffic increases, competition intensifies within individual channels, and growth slows down, new consumer brands can no longer afford to place all their resources in one "basket" to navigate through business cycles.

DUJOSOO, a healthy light food brand, started with the internet, quickly launched new products to expand its SKU, and used targeted strategies to explore the "dividends" of various online channels to achieve rapid growth leading. Entering its eighth year, the brand is now focusing on offline expansion and overseas markets, embracing an omnichannel approach. After surpassing the $1 billion revenue mark, how does DUJOSOO's founder, Guoyu Zheng, view the current channel opportunities?

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