Justin Guan
Alcohol Talks (1 Day Only)
INS Park

Mr. Justin Guan  is the co-founder and president of New Electronic Hero (Shanghai) Culture Cummunication Co,LTD, an innovative entertainment business complex operator. The company operates multiple entertainment complexes in cities such as Shanghai and Chengdu, including the INS Park. It integrates a variety of cultural and entertainment formats, such as bars, nightclubs, Livehouses, e-sports events, and stand-up comedy performances, which are highly favored by the new generation of consumers. Prior to founding the company, he worked at ZhenFund, a leading domestic angel investment institution, where he served as the head of investment for the South China region. He led investments in over 60 early-stage startups and has received honors such as the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30.

Event Introduction
Alcohol Talks (1 Day Only)
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
*All the "young people", "youth", and similar expressions mentioned in the agenda refer to consumers of legal drinking age (LDA) according to local laws and regulations.
4.2H - Silk Road Hall
Reconstruction of People, Product & Place
[Panel Discussion] Reshaping the People-Product-Scene of Alcohol Consumption

1. What scenarios would make contemporary young people want to initiate a drink?

2. In these scenes, what kind of products can be selected?

3. How should alcoholic beverage brands adapt to changes in consumer behavior?

Justin Guan, founder of INS Park, a new landmark in Shanghai's nightlife, and Neil, founder of BLUE DASH, a new drink brand that continues to grow sales by 200% year-on-year in the first half of 2023, Gin Zhang,head of Chinese Baijiu (Sichuan & Guizhou) of TAOBAO & TMALL GROUP with years of experience in industry collaboration and consumer expansion, will share their insights and practices with us.

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