Leo Zheng
Channel Talks (3 Days)
Vice President & General Manager of Marketing Center
Leyuan Beverage

Graduated from Qingdao University, majoring in Computer Science and Technology. He worked for Tsingtao Brewery, President Group and Alibaba.com Group.

Deeply engaged in the FMCG industry for more than ten years, served as management trainee, regional manager, regional manager, director and other positions of low temperature product operation. During his tenure at Tsingtao Beer, he led Shandong Silver Malt Beer (1.872 billion) (675 million), Xin'anjiang Beer (80 million), Suntory Beer (1.335 billion) and had experience in major project mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and integration.

During the more than five years in Alibaba.com, he experienced the B2B retail business, B2C business Tmall supermarket, and participated in the establishment of the Alibaba.com community group buying business Tao Cai, as one of the founding members.

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Channel Talks (3 Days)
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
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