Laia Grassi
Tech Talks (Day 2-3)
GenAI & Advertising Creative Director

Laia Grassi, a Generative AI & Advertising Creative Director, stands out with over 40 international awards, including Cannes Lions. Winner of a global Coca-Cola AI competition, her influence spans across brands like IKEA and Audi. As a consultant, Grassi revolutionizes generative AI, demonstrating unmatched expertise. Her work sets new industry standards, showcasing innovation and a pioneering spirit. Grassi's influence in advertising is both inspirational and transformative, leading the way in applying generative AI for creative excellence.

Event Introduction
Tech Talks (Day 2-3)
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Reimagine Food
4.2H - Silk Road Hall
The Dawn of AI in the F&B Consumer Market
Gone are the days of intuition and guesswork – artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic dream, but the huge power shaping the F&B industry's future. Beyond personalized experiences, AI empowers brands to truly understand their customers at a granular level. Imagine AI, not just as a data analyst, but as a mind-reading seer, revealing the deepest desires and culinary triggers of each individual. Envision chatbots, not robotic assistants, but friendly oracles offering recipe inspiration around the clock. Picture AI-powered flavor prediction tools, not mere algorithms, but culinary wizards conjuring up flavor combinations that ignite taste buds. This is the magic of AI in F&B sector, a scientific marvel waiting to be unleashed. However, powerful "spells" are accompanied with huge potential risks: copyright concerns, ethical dilemmas, data privacy, the black box...all these can be life-threatening pitfalls. This transformative journey demands not just the application of AI technology, but a seamless collaboration between food companies, data scientists, and AI solution providers, enhancing data infrastructure and driving a future-oriented transformation with the awareness of potential risks. This exploration delves deep into the commercial impact of AIGC revolution and the practical applications of AI in F&B, equipping you with the knowledge to brew your own unique recipe for success.
Designing Future Foods: Make Generative AI Your Creative Partner

Generative AI is spearheading a revolution, bringing a world of new possibilities to creative work. As a generative AI consultant, she uses AI tools to carry out advertising creativity, packaging design, product graphics for many brands such as Coca-Cola, creating works that perfectly combine art and commerce. In Laia's eyes, generative AI tools are her ultimate creative partner, capable of sparking endless inspiration. They can generate visual concepts and copy, analyze market data, and uncover the best design strategies!

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