Feiyong Huang
Startup Talks
Vice President
Royal Xiaohu

Mr. Feiyong Huang, the Vice President of Royal Xiaohu, has 19 years of extensive experience in the e-commerce industry. Since joining Royal Xiaohu in 2021, he has been primarily responsible for driving product operations. Under his leadership, the team achieved an impressive milestone of over 1 billion Yuan in annual sales within just two and a half years of the brand's founding.

Before this, he had five years of entrepreneurial experience in the men's clothing category and ten years of experience in managing handbag and leather goods brands. He led a team that achieved 400 million Yuan in sales (accounting for nearly 70% of that brand's online sales of handbags for the year). Mr. Huang has solid practical experience in product operations, cost control, and omnichannel business growth, along with extensive strategic management capabilities. He consistently upholds Royal Xiaohu's brand proposition of "value productism" and is dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable food products for Chinese consumers.

Event Introduction
Startup Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Start Up, Stand Out
4.2H - Hall B2
Methodology for Entrepreneurship
Over 1 Billion in 2 Years: How Royal Xiao Hu Elevate its Repurchase Rate and Win by Efficiency?

Once involved in the "price war", entrepreneurs have to compromise their product quality, even selling at a loss, ultimately leading to a lose-lose situation. However, the frozen food brand Royal Xiao Hu has successfully navigated this challenge by completing a virtuous cycle: identifying user needs to boost sales - scaling orders to reduce costs - offering high quality and low price to enhance repurchase rates. Now Royal Xiao Hu has achieved sales exceeding 1 billion and secured the top spot for grilled sausage sales across the entire platform in just two years.

To apply Xiaomi's explosive product methodology to the food market, how can Royal Xiao Hu, committed to "value productism", further elevate its repurchase rate and win by efficiency?

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