Dr. Kai Yu
Function & Ingredient
Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences China Hub Manager
Nestlé Research

Dr. Yu has held various positions at Nestlé Research, including Digital and Personalized Nutrition Lead for Nestlé Research Asia Hubs, and currently as the China Hub Manager at the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences. Additionally, he also took a previous role to lead Innovation & Renovation Management at Corporate Marketing for Nestlé Greater China.

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Function & Ingredient
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
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4.2H - Hall D2
Super Ingredients Across the Sea
New Discovery in Sleep: The Ultimate Combo to Break the Sleep Dilemma

In Sept 2023, Nestlé premiered a breakthrough global sleep study in China, which found that a new formulation combination can effectively support sleep quality in adults and enhance next-day cognitive performance. Only five months later, Nestlé first launched a new milk powder based on this research in China, realizing the rapid conversion of scientific studies and products! How can global research resources be leveraged to achieve localized innovation so that there is a "zero distance" between scientific research and products? 

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