Kate Xie
Channel Talks (3 Days)
Senior Consumable Account Executive
Amazon Global Selling

Kate Xie has worked at Amazon Global Selling for over 8 years, overseeing the international expansion of new sellers on established marketplaces, especially factories, leading brands, and emerging brands. She has successfully assisted thousands of brand sellers in expanding overseas and specialized in cosmetics and personal care categories. Kate has helped emerging brands overcome challenges in international markets, enabling them to take their first steps towards successful global expansion.

Event Introduction
Channel Talks (3 Days)
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Laying A Solid Groundwork
4.2H - Hall A2
Overseas Gold Mining-New Growth in Cross-Border E-commerce
New Navigation for Food and Beverage Brands in Cross-Border E-Commerce

In 2023, China's cross-border e-commerce exports grew by 19.6% to 1.83 trillion yuan, with many sellers achieving breakthrough growth. The cross-border e-commerce industry is gradually shifting from extensive development to high-quality, refined growth. Amazon introduced a series of specific initiatives at the end of last year to empower China's "high-quality global expansion."

-How can food and beverage companies become skilled navigators in the vast ocean of cross-border e-commerce?

-How can brands leverage Amazon's powerful "sail" to navigate and succeed in international markets?

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