Zhongyan Huo
Channel Talks (3 Days)
Founding Partner
Bonanza Capital

Zhongyan Huo, Founding Partner of Bonanza Capital, graduated from the School of Journalism at Fudan University.

Mr. Huo has participated in the mergers, acquisitions, and asset restructurings of several listed companies, including Xinhua Media (600825. SH), BrandingChina (00863. HK), and Huawen Media (000793. SZ).

He previously served as a Founding Partner of Whales Capital, Director of Strategic Investments at Xinhua Media, and Investment Manager at Jiefang Daily Group. His notable investments include projects such as Himalaya, Fandeng Reading, Meione, Yitiao, Ronshin Group (301231. SZ), PalFish, Spes, Jingxiaohe, Shiheng Technology, and Plantag.

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Channel Talks (3 Days)
 · 06/27 (Day 3)
Laying A Solid Groundwork
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