Zhengqi Wang
Startup Talks
Founder & Chairman

Event Introduction
Startup Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Start Up, Stand Out
4.2H - Hall B2
Face Growth Anxiety
With Annual Sales Exceeding 1 Billion, Fairiemor's Long-term Approach to Build Offline Channels

At FBIF2021, Fairiemor's founder, Wang Zhengqi, once shared that "it's very difficult to create new brands by only doing e-commerce." Looking back at the convenience food track in 2024, after moving past the "one-person meal", many brands that once thrived on the internet have faded into obscurity. Convenience food entrepreneurs need to find the next growth point. Fairiemor, which had early on established offline channels, still ranked first and second in the self-heating rice and self-heating hot pot markets in Q1 of 2024, relying on a solid network of distributors and a robust offline pricing system to pursue long-term brand building.

In 2024, FBIF has invited Fairiemor's founder, Wang Zhengqi once again: In a market that requires deep exploration, how can food and beverage startup brands compete with traditional giants and build their own channel organizational capabilities?

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