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Xiaomasong, founder of Xiaomasong Marketing Consulting, author of the best-selling books "Marketing Notes" and "The Truth About Selling," is the Chief Marketing Consultant for the Dedao app and one of the most recognized experts on marketing in China.

He is an emerging local marketing expert in China, gaining attention with the development of the Internet and new consumption trends. As a consultant, Xiaomasong has developed marketing strategies for a number of China's leading brands, including Chi Forest , Luhua, Dedao App, Luckin Coffee, Bantianyao, Babycare, Yujian Xiaomian, Nanchengxiang,  Shizuren, Tasogare, FORTY-NINE UNION, and Daddysweety.

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Marketing Talks
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Growth and Beyond Growth
4.2H - Hall E
Users Positioning
Customer Missions: The Ignition Key to Business Operations

Starting from the essence of customer needs, this talk explores strategies for product development and structural optimization. It aims to break the deadlock and solve the enduring puzzles faced by businesses when expanding their product lines. The session will unveil the mystery of "whether to expand product categories and how to do so", discovering strategies that not only meet customer demands but also drive company growth.

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