Yajun Hu
Plenary Session (Day 3)
Vice President
Eastroc Beverage

Event Introduction
Plenary Session (Day 3)
 · 06/27 (Day 3)
Conference Hall
Unbox the Future
[Panel Discussion] The Age of Discovery for Chinese Food Brands

In 2022, China's food exports reached 509.18 billion yuan, marking a 10.0% year-on-year increase. This growth continued in 2023, with exports rising to 538.23 billion yuan, highlighting the immense potential of Chinese food and beverages in the international market.

How should Chinese food enterprises evolve from product export to brand export by cultural influence?  It's not just about "going out," but also about "going into" local overseas markets!

-Bridge the gap between perceived and actual overseas market realities.

-Embrace "going global" as a long-term strategy: How to patiently plan and lay the groundwork?

-Beyond selling products: Building a brand with localized strategies.

  · Gain insights into cultural differences to enhance communication and interaction with local consumers.

  · Find strategic partners to expand both online and offline channels.

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