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From a university teacher to an advertising creative and now a digital artist, Tudou_man has continuously drawn inspiration from his evolving roles over the past decade. He creates "Utopian Dream Core" worlds with a fresh artistic approach, using hyper-realistic techniques to depict cultural collisions seamlessly integrated through AIGC technology. His work explores the artistic possibilities of AIGC in both dynamic and static forms.

With the widespread adoption of AIGC applications, Tudou_man has produced numerous highly acclaimed works and collaborated with renowned brands such as McDonald's, AMX, Lancôme, HR, DIOR, Lenovo, Mercedes-Benz, UGG, AMIRI, Meituan, and Tmall. His artworks have been exhibited and collected by multiple art institutions and galleries, signaling the emergence of a new AIGC art pathway into the public eye.

Event Introduction
Marketing Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
Growth and Beyond Growth
4.2H - Hall E
Viral Products and Creativity
AI Creativity: Dreaming with Computation, Highlighting with Emotion

The rapid development of artificial intelligence is swiftly transforming our creative processes, with AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) leading the charge. While technology continues to advance, the unique value of human creativity has become more indispensable than ever.

Tudou_man, a renowned digital artist in the AIGC field who has collaborated with brands such as McDonald's, AMX, Mercedes-Benz, and Estée Lauder, will demonstrate:

- How to leverage AIGC to push the boundaries of traditional art and create deeply impactful and visually stunning works.

- How to enhance the uniqueness and emotional resonance of art in a technology-driven creative environment through human creativity and emotional expression.


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