Sylvia Zheng
Channel Talks (3 Days)
Deputy GM of the Food Industry, Tao Gongchang, M2C BU

Sylvia Zheng is currently the Deputy General Manager of the food and fresh food industry in Taogongchang , TAOBAO & TMALL GROUP, M2C Business Unite. After graduated from Wuhan University, She has over 6 years of management experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, with a deep commitment to the consumer goods and food industries.

Sylvia Zheng has served in JD, responsible for commodity development and sales management of M2C. In 2021, She joined Alibaba Group and started in charge of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Cosmetics industry and Food and health industry in Taogongchang. She has extensive practical experience in FMCG business.

She is fully responsible for the food and fresh food industry in 2024, creating a growth model for industry belt enterprises, deepening the layout and business expansion of the industry belt, establishing and continuously strengthening the cooperation and win-win situation between various food and fresh food ecosystem parties and enterprise customers.

I have extensive experience in consumer goods business practice. After joining Taoyuan Factory, I am fully responsible for the food and fresh industry, creating a growth model for industrial belt enterprises, deepening industrial belt layout and business expansion, and establishing and continuously strengthening cooperation and win-win cooperation between various food and fresh ecological parties and corporate customers.

Event Introduction
Channel Talks (3 Days)
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
Laying A Solid Groundwork
4.2H - Hall A2
Rebuild Channel Power
M2C: White Label Factories Unlock Broader Markets with High Quality and Competitive Prices

In the past 100 days, the food and fresh produce sector of TAOBAO & TMALL GROUP has achieved a 70-fold increase in orders through the new channel-Tao gongchang. How does the platform help white-label factories unleash their production capacity to meet the segmented demands of the online market? Join us at FBIF to uncover the secrets behind creating million-unit bestsellers!

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 · 06/27 (Day 3)
FBIF iFood Show · Foodtalks
Supplier-Retailer Collaboration and Traceability Factory
[Panel Discussion] Traceable Factories: New Opportunities for Food OEM Companies

"TAO GONG CHANG," fostered by the Taobao & Tmall Group, embodies a Manufacturer-to-Consumer (M2C) e-commerce model in the food and fresh industry. TAO GONG CHANG assembles robust industrial factories nationwide, regional key distributors, and deeply cultivated resources from production areas. By continuously expanding its semi-managed operational model, it enables white-label factories to directly connect with millions of consumers. What new opportunities do food OEM companies find on this platform?

11:10-11:30 [Strategy Interpretation]

11:30-12:00 [Panel Discussion]

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