Yunzhi Ren
Vice President
WinWin Network

Yunzhi Ren, Vice President of WinWin Network, holds a Master's degree in Economics from Peking University. With 20 years of experience in project consulting and key account services, he joined WinWin Network in 2021. By integrating various research methods and tools, he has enriched the product service matrix and unlocked the value of data. He assists FMCG companies in understanding market trends, seizing product innovation opportunities, and formulating differentiated marketing growth strategies. His clients include well-known brands such as Chi Forest, Eastroc Beverage, Orion, and Dali.

Event Introduction
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
FBIF iFood Show · Foodtalks
Retail Trends and Data Modeling
2024 Offline Retail Trends Insight: Price Competitiveness > Product Strength > Brand Strength

The traditional consumer retail ecosystem is undergoing unprecedented changes. How should the balance between people, goods, and places be managed? Among price competitiveness, product strength, and brand strength, which is the most important right now? What do the complex indicators reveal to us? How can participants navigate through challenges using data tools?

Based on its nationwide offline retail monitoring network, WinWin Network will share the trends and insights derived from data, unveiling how they use data to sense the market!

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