Ziyu Chen
Warm Light Design

With 16-year experiences in brand building, we founded Warm Light Design in 2015. Warm Light dedicated to deliver comprehensive brand development, focusing on new retail brands. Our main services include brand planning, brand vision, and package design, serving many new domestic retail brands, such as Ramen Talk, Wang Baobao,Boohee, Classy Kiss and Adopt a Cow, etc. From the initial stage of brand establishment, we create exclusive visual images for our customers and provide brand strategy and product layout via brand planning, preparing a comprehensive plan ahead of the launch. Adhering to the concept of bringing more value to client’s products, we have provided services to more than 100 new retail brands and products, formed strategic cooperation with multiple project customers, and helped clients to adjust and upgrade for branding issues at different stages. Warm Light faces business changes and challenges with our customers together and grows with them. Our slogan is “Warm Light. Warm brand”.

Event Introduction
 · 06/27 (Day 3)
FBIF iFood Show · Foodtalks
Supplier-Retailer Collaboration and Traceability Factory
From "White Label" to "Brand" Transformation

In an era of consumer stratification, it's not that big brands are unaffordable, but that white labels offer better value for money. Facing consumers who prioritize cost-effectiveness, how can upstream manufacturers seize opportunities to capture consumer mindshare with their products while continuing their OEM business, thus transforming from "White Labels" to "Brand"?

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