FBIF2017 Food & Beverage Innovation Forum

Global Innovation, Powering the Future

2017.4.19-4.21 Shanghai, China

About FBIF

Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2017 (FBIF2017) is the leading F&B event in Asia to be held in Shanghai from April 19th to 21st, 2017. The theme of FBIF2017 is “Global Innovation, Powering Future!”, FBIF2017 is a three day conference contains Plenary Session (Day One) and four co-current session on Day Two and Day Three, which are: Product Innovation A: Beverage & Dairy, Product Innovation B: Functional Food & Snacks, Marketing Innovation and InnoPack. More than 90 speakers will present and 1200-1500 senior executives from F&B industry are expected to attend FBIF2017.

You may expect to know:

-What are the rising new categories? What are the innovation chances lied in different segmentation? What inspiration can the traditional categories get from the new ones?
-Along with the rapidly rising new categories and new brands, how should traditional giants build up a swift organizational structure to help corporate innovation?
-How can brands gain competitive advantages in the category competition through new marketing and packaging methods?
As one of the most influential F&B industry conferences around the world, FBIF committee collect, display and analyze the most successful business cases and the most creative ideas in the forum, aiming to offer valuable insights in future trends for decision makers as well as facilitate a healthy development for the whole F&B industry.

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Product Innovation A

Product Innovation B

Marketing Innovation




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