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Food & Beverage Innovation Forum

FBIF (Food & Beverage Innovation Forum) is one of the leading events targeting food & beverage industry in the Asia-pacific area. As the organizer, Simba Events has been dedicated to offering valuable insights towards the future trends and driving the industrial development in FBIF by selecting, displaying and discussing the most successful business cases and advanced technologies worldwide.
Started in 2014, FBIF is powering the future in every different year. Surely, we are looking forward to meeting every brilliant partner, creating a platform where we have the courage to imagine, foresee and realize the future!

Hello Food Prize

This is an era jammed with many key words, snackification, consumption upgrading, internet celebrity economy, new middle class, etc., but it cannot be easily defined by all these words. The life span of products becomes shorter, with the demands for different and new products growing. In order to keep abreast of time, many companies innovate and advance in aspects as that of taste, nutrition, and packaging. In the flood of new products, Hello Foods Prize was born, a feast of global innovative products launched by FBIF committee. It aims at gathering creative brands worldwide together and developing the most innovative food, and ultimately, awakening your product capability.

Marking Awards

Initiated by FBIF (Food & Beverage Innovation Forum), Marking Awards is a food and beverage packaging design contest organized in Shanghai since 2016 while targets the global. In a forum platform where attracts worldwide attention, Marking Awards was born to find and praise brilliant Chinese F&B package designs, and encourage communication between local and global design power. In doing so, the awards committee aims to speed up local brands’ packaging innovation,package functional optimization and improve their aesthetics standards, thus finally all the stakeholders can build a creative packaging ecosystem together. Marking Awards is not only an industrial competition, but more like an attitude injecting creativity and wisdom to our daily life.

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Simba Events

“Young”, “Positive” and “Energetic” are the words you would hear frequently from Simba’s customers when they describe the company. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Simba Events was founded in 2013 and is a conference organizer focusing on planning and holding high-level summits for the FMCG industry. In the recent three years, Simba has successfully built the brand of FBIF, which is a world-class event attracting seniors from the World Top 500 food & beverage companies to attend every year.