Marking Awards


Award Info

Award Intro

Initiated by FBIF (Food & Beverage Innovation Forum), Marking Awards is a food and beverage packaging design contest organized in Shanghai since 2016 while targets the global. In a forum platform where attracts worldwide attention, Marking Awards was born to find and praise brilliant Chinese F&B package designs, and encourage communication between local and global design power. In doing so, the awards committee aims to speed up local brands’ packaging innovation, package functional optimization and improve their aesthetics standards, thus finally all the stakeholders can build a creative packaging ecosystem together. Marking Awards is not only an industrial competition, but more like an attitude injecting creativity and wisdom to our daily life.

Entry Categories

1. In-Market Entry:
An integrated package design for food or beverage which has been launched in the market, e.g. Package design for snacks, drinks, alcohols, etc.
Commercialized packaging structures, innovative functions or packaging materials, e.g. bottle cap, stand-up pouches, plant-based plastics, etc.

2. Conceptual Entry:
An integrated package design for food or beverage which has not been in the market
Creative packaging structures, functions or materials which has not been commercialized

3. 2018 Annual Theme – "Tear up Condiment"
Both In-market and conceptual design can submit work to the special annual category, but the design theme is only applicable for condiments.

Awards Setting

Marking Criteria
Design ( color, visual effects, originality,etc.)
Relevancy ( the consistency between the entry and the product)
Creativity ( interesting, imaginative, etc.)
Tech content ( environment-friendly, materials selected, etc.)
Practicality ( function, user experience, etc.)
Integrity ( An overall mark will be given by judges after balancing the entry's performance in all the above aspects)

Awards setting
1. For professional entrants (brand owners, design agencies,packaging suppliers and freelance designers):
Marking Award – having highest mark in INTEGRITY among the in-market category
Marking Concept Award – having highest mark in INTEGRITY among the Conceptual category
Marking Annual Award – having highest mark in INTEGRITY among the “Tear up Condiment” annual category
*The above three awards are the highest honor in the whole Marking Awards 2018, thus which has only one winner, while the winners’ number of the following individual awards will be decided by the number of finalists:

Marking Visual Awards: the highest mark in DESIGN;
Marking Communication Awards: the highest mark in RELEVANCY;
Marking Creative Awards: the highest mark in CREATIVITY;
Marking Tech Awards: the highest mark in TECH CONTENT;
Marking Functional Awards: the highest mark in PRACTICALITY.

2. For students:
No individual awards, but will calculate the average score of six dimensions for every creation, then announce the First, Second and Third Prizes respectively.

Juries in Marking Awards

- Grant Li, Creative Director, L3 Branding Experience Design Center
- Sophia Nadur, Founder & CEO, Ideas 2 Launch Ltd
- Xavier Cortadellas, Gatorade Senior Director Innovation & Design, PepsiCo
- Kang Weijie, Vice President, Shenzhen Oracle Creative Design Co., Ltd
- Fan Chun, Managing Director, Hotdesign
- Paul Williams, Creative Director, Springetts Brand Design Consultants Limited
- Valerio Ninnini, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategies and Performance, Nestle
- Vladimir Djurovic, CEO, Labbrand
- Sun Lingli, Senior Packaging & Design Manager, Mars Chocolate China
- Qi Xinhua, China’s First 3D Artist
- David Jaggi, Director Global Strategic Initiatives, Wrigley
- Ximena O'Reilly, Global Head of Visual Identity & Design, Nestle
- Rene Chen, Partner, JKR Shanghai
- Somchana Kangwarnjit, Owner (Executive Creative Director), Prompt Design
- Peng Chong, Art Director, Pesign
- Artem Movsesyan, Partner, Neom
- Christophe Pradere, CEO & Founder, BETC Design
- Gene Zhao, Asia Pacific R&D Director, Packaging Development, Coca-Cola
- Stepan Azaryan, Art Director & Founder, Backbone Branding
- Joan Josep Bertran, Founder and Design Director, JJ Bertran Studio
- Hernan Braberman, Senior Packaging & Design Manager, Tridimage
- Isabella Hsu, Chairman, Simba Events
- Benton N. Saucer, Vice President, Creative Director & Executive Creative Director, LPK Asia

Winning Works