Chad Anderson
Founder & Managing Partner
NewTree Fruit Company

Chad co-founded NewTree Fruit Company, LP, in 2013 to develop and deliver the first 100% De-SugaredTM Fruit Juice in the North American market.  Chad extended his experience in management, food processing, and ingredient knowledge to build and grow the NewTree Fruit Company 100% De-SugaredTM Fruit Juice brand. In addition, Chad has further developed the method to include whole fruits and vegetables, and applications such as freeze-drying. Patents for the De-SugaringTM process have since been awarded in the United States, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, China and Japan, India and are pending in mainland China and Turkey.

Through his 30-plus years in the food industry, Chad has traveled extensively across Europe and North America. He is also the Owner and President of Momentum Three, founded in 2006, consulting the meat and food industry.  He is an expert in thermal processing and operational efficiencies, as well as developing best practices for clients to increase profitability and product differentiation. Chad received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Chad and his wife reside in Wisconsin and enjoy collecting and drinking wine and attending Green Bay Packers games.

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Fruit Juice Can Be Sugar-free, too!

The reduced- or zero-sugar trend appears to be unstoppable in the beverages market, but fruit juice remains an unsolved problem. Different from other categories, fruit juice inherently contains fructose, sucrose, and glucose, for which regular actions, using less sugar or diluting, will not work. NTFC has successfully pioneered a sugar-extracting method that removes 100% natural sugar from juice while preserving nutrients. When dilution is no more the only way to reduce sugar, will this method see possibilities in other categories?

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