Bruce Friedrich
Founder & President
The Good Food Institute

Bruce is founder & President of The Good Food Institute, a global network of nonprofit organizations, with affiliates in the U.S., India, Israel, Brazil, Singapore, and Europe (UK & EU). GFI works on alternative protein policy, science, and corporate engagement. Bruce has penned op-eds for the Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, Nature Food and other publications, and has appeared on podcasts including Making Sense (Sam Harris), Ezra Klein, and others. Bruce's 2019 TED talk has been viewed more than 2.3 million times and translated into 30 languages. 

Bruce graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown Law and also holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the London School of Economics.

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Dairy Talks
 · 06/26 (Day 2)
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4.2H - Hall A1
Zoom-in Session: Animal-free Dairy
[Forethought] Food Tech to Reshape the Food Sector - And the World

The world has been cycling crops through animals to make meat for 12,000 years; there is a better way - using plants and cellular agriculture (“alternative proteins”). 

China is leading the world in both clean energy production and the global shift toward electric vehicles, which is both critically important to global climate goals and hugely profitable for Chinese industry. China can do the same thing for food technology.

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