Tiejun Wang
Condiment & 3R Food

Tiejun Wang is the Deputy Director of the Compound Seasoning Professional Committee of China Condiment Industrial Association and the President of SICHUAN NEWHOPE FLAVOR.

SICHUAN NEW HOPE FLAVOR is a part of SICHUAN NEW HOPE GROUP, established in August 2016. It focuses on developing Sichuan seasoning, cuisine, and chef culture. The main companies include CHUAN WA ZI, JINFUHOU, and GUO NIANG FOOD. The company aims to create high-quality Chinese compound seasoning, hot pot soup base, functional soy sauce to provide customers with safe, healthy, and convenient seasoning products.  "NEW HOPE FLAVOR, with delicious to create a better life."

Event Introduction
Condiment & 3R Food
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
New Taste That Spice Up New Lives
4.2H -Hall C2
Branding Strategy
Unlocking the Culinary Potential of Tomatoes: Exploring Endless Possibilities

Tomato flavor is a popular choice in the non-spicy world. Whether it's Chinese or Western cuisine, tomatoes are everywhere. When product innovation has to break through the shackles, how much effort does it take to make just one tomato good in the cooking?How much thought has gone into a single “tomato” in this deep collaboration between SICHUAN NEWHOPE FLAVOR and Sam's? 

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