Steven Zhou
Condiment & 3R Food
General Manager

Event Introduction
Condiment & 3R Food
 · 06/25 (Day 1)
New Taste That Spice Up New Lives
4.2H -Hall C2
Unlock High-potential Scenarios
Keeping an Eye on New Flavor Trends: 2024 Condiments Market Trends White Paper

China is a vast country with a wide range of flavors, each of which could be the next dark horse. With the increasing degree of restaurant chain, a city to enjoy all cuisines has been the norm, so condiments companies can catch the golden opportunities from the trend of the cuisine? At the same time, the impact and influence of the world's flavors, whether the collision can be transformed into unexpected new products? iResearch will debut the 2024 Condiments Market Trends White Paper at FBIF, based on its consumer research data and in-depth interviews with industry experts, to provide you with an interpretation of the latest domestic and international flavor trends and consumer preferences.

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